Saturday, February 21, 2009

Celebrity Homes

Click on the photos to enlarge , enjoy ! This is Richard Gere's Home or former home . I love that it is not mansion like at all , but warm and well appointed this is the perfect scale of home for me.
This was one of Ellen's many many homes . While looking I was shocked at the quantity of homes she has lived in and sold. She beats Brittany Spears . I mean if I could afford homes like she does I am sure I would have a few but to turn them over like she does , well it is something close to crazy . I suppose I like to put my roots down at this point in life. The longest I have lived in one home is 8 years and that was as a child , this current house is second at 7 years in a few weeks.

I believe this is Michelle Branch's home, I am afraid I don't know who that is , but she has lovely taste.


Mrs. Limestone said...

haha - no clue who M Branch is either.

R Gere's home looks like a mansion to me. A really nice one :)

The Upstart said...
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The Upstart said...

Michelle Branch is a young musician/singer-songwriter.

She does her own stuff (you might recognize this: and this: from the early 2000s), but she also did some work with Carlos Santana (

Sadly, I don't think she gets as much attention because she isn't prone to throwing tantrums, hitting clubs, and checking into rehab.

Shauna said...

so this is kind of random, but i was wondering if you would mind sharing a tip. before you painted the BR cabinets white..and they were the aqua did you get that brown antiqued look in all the creases and corners. i'm painting mine now and would love to get that look, but have no idea how. thanks so much you're site. i just found it and have basically been camped out here all week (drooling) and getting ideas. AWESOME work.

the keele's said...

michelle branch also just starting working with another girl. they are called the wreckers and i like this style lots better than her solo. maybe she is more popular in the states!!! love your entry way by the way. i dont have a mudroom and never will but my husband and i just finished our mud wall/hall. haha hey it will do its purpose!

p.s. shauna, we used a glaze to do ours and we just took a rag with the glaze on it and ran our fingers down in the edgest or wherever you wanna put it.

sorry i answered that but i bet chris DOES have a better suggestion!

Linda said...

These were fun to see. I like Michelle's best I think. Some elements in all that are great though.
Thanks for sharing,