Thursday, January 22, 2009

Lowe's get 5 *****

Wow , that was a very fun little outing. I had heard Lowe's was great for lighting and boy were they right , I hit the mother load.

This light is so gorgeous , how can it be $33.~ ?

This gorgeous galvanized fixture would be amazing over a bathroom mirror, or outside as it is intended . $24.00

This vintage look bathroom light is $11.00 and has a pull chain , how charming .

This hurricane fixture is teeny tiny , perfect for a tight hallway.

I am mad crazy in love with these next two fixtures , and so affordable.

My wish list from Lowe's
-gorgeous mirrors for around $80.00
-a new solid wood front door with a large window $700~ { I saw some for up to $4000~}
-the perfect bathroom faucet for $128~ x 2
-a hand held and height adjustable shower head for the girls , $80~
-crown moulding corners like I have seen on blogs but until now were unavailable $6~ each
I think that is it for now


The Red Door Antiques said...

I know...that $33 one with the cris-cross design, I put outside of my shop and I love them....

Stephanie said...
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Anonymous said...

I am a huge fan of Lowe's

Kathy :)

Natalie said...

yaaayyy!!! I have that first light...two of them, lol.

The fact that you like them makes me like them even more.

Maybe I *can* decorate!?


hqm said...

My husband hung that very "teeny tiny" light in our hallway for my birthday...$38 bucks!

Jill -Forever and Ever House said...

Hi Chris! We got a Lowes near our house last year. I love it! My husband and I are such geeks. I remeber the first time we went, it was like we were going on a field trip or something!! It was quite the event. They do have nice light fixtures, don't they?

Pink Slippers said...

I'm just like the lights. So many choices, all with so many looks.

kathleen said...

I've been looking for that galvanized fixture since last summer. What a deal that is!

Kim said...

You've never seen "cheater blocks"??? Oh my word! Girl - the best thing when it comes to moulding! When we renovated our last house - we used those in every room - floor and ceiling!

alerts said...