Friday, May 23, 2008

Wow the punches just keep coming....

They called SEARS that is , they can't get the fridge I ordered at all , AT ALL, they gave me fridge to someone else , oh brilliant ....I wasn't buying it , but it is discontinued and the ones they had are spoken for , AWESOME, so I suggest I get the floor model , it didn't appear to have any flaws when I saw it , I will go in and see what they can do as far as discounting it considering it is a floor model and all the trouble I have been through , they offered to find me something that was similar , I actually picked this fridge out , did research , I didn't spin around with a blindfold on and point at a random fridge , it took two years of choosing . INCREDIBLE.....

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Mrs. Limestone said...

Im so sorry - I understand how it feels when youve put so much time and effort into selecting something just to have to settle for something second best.

Just a suggestion but I wouldn't go with the floor model. Its probably been running for years on the floor. Even at a steep discount, its bound to have problems much sooner than a new one.

What about the one with the water in the door don't you like?


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