Thursday, May 29, 2008

Now that's a big refrigerator

Here is the current look of my kitchen , I have my stainless steel appliances, I have such respect for good movers, the delivery guys were so good , the Home Depot team a couple of heavily tattooed guys came in and got right to business removed the doors and drawer , oh so carefully , we had some tight squeezes, one guy grimaced when he saw my kitchen door way , but it fit just so , everything was flawless, the stove came about an hour later by the sears team , they had a much easier task but were equally efficient and careful. There is my tile feature all exposed after 4 years behind the old stove, finally , it was a long wait.

As you can see I have some work to do , I will create a cabinet to house the glorious fridge. My husband had never seen these appliances, and he was impressed so glad too , because he hates the micro I picked.


After: WOW My little daycare kids were here as well as my husband , the little ones were so excited, who knew, they even did a happy dance about it .

Last night I fretted and fretted that this fridge was going to be too big , I was really worried I had made a mistake, but it fits in just right , phew!
I love this picture it looks like dueling fridges , easy to see the winner here.
The stove is so nice , and fast , first meal on it Kraft Mac and Cheese, of course.


Heidi said...

WOW! The kitchen looks FANTASTIC with it's new additions!!

I love the last pic too, that's priceless, lol!

Candy- A Pretty Home said...

Its so pretty!!!
We had built our dream home a couple years ago and had all stainless appliances. I had a fridge almost exactly like that. I loved it!!
We sold our dream home a year later because we had built it way too large for our small family (theres just 3 of us!)
And decided on a luxury condominium (luxury for Edmonton that is hahaa). The one and only thing I miss about our house is the stainless appliances.

Candy :)

Suzanne said...

First of all I love those schoolhouse light fixtures. Terrific. I love your new appliances. We have a french door fridge like yours (not stainless though) and I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it. Love the bottom freezer. LOVE IT. I like me stove but it's not a Viking.


- Suzanne, the Farmer's Wife

Mrs. Limestone said...

Yippee!! You must be so happy to finally have that puppy installed.

I have the same situation (fridge sticking out) and it feels weird at first but you get used to it really fast. So worth it!

goddessof4 said...

So shiny!!! I am in the market for a new fridge.Hopefully we are getting one next month!!!!

hella said...

totally gorgeous looking kitchen...lovin' the fabric too!!!
well done!
your mama

restyled home said...

Shiny, happy appliances...woohoo!!
You finally have satisfaction!! I especially love that fridge...


Anonymous said...

Looks fantastic.


Aimee said...

The appliances look awesome! Good choices!

Kim said...

OMG - it looks awesome!

lizziefitz said...

My husband and I watched the new Debbie Travis show 2 nights ago. Why aren't you on it? You should go back over to her houses and give her your blog to see like a resume. I went on and on about all the projects you do and how talented you are... only to find out you do daycare too! Do you sleep , are you on crack? Is starbucks running through your veins? you go girl!

prolix said...

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