Sunday, May 4, 2008

Debbie Travis Houses

Guess who got the suburbs hopping today, Debbie Travis stopped by to meet people and sign autographs, so the girls and I went over to meet her, oh she is so pretty, her skin glows, and wow tall huh , ok I am a bit short too , but that was a little fun in my day .


Jerusalem said...

soooo jealous! what fun!

hqm said...

So much FUN!

Heidi said...

Your skin would glow too if you could afford expensive products/treatments! ;o)

What a treat for you to meet her!

I just primed our fireplace. I'm high on Zinser fumes!

restyled home said...

What a thrill that would be! She is a GENIUS!! You should have offered to work for her!

All you girls are very pretty!


Mrs. Limestone said...

How fun.

Wow, no clue she was that tall! said...


A Pretty Home said...

Hi!!! I found your blog thru Forever House (Jill).
I just looked thru your blog...PRETTY!!! Love your home.

ANd Debbie Travis!!!!! Lucky you!!!
I remember one show she did and this lady was shocked to see her in her home and she says "DEBBIE TRAVIS IN MY HOUSE" and I will never forget the way she said it, was so funny. SO whenever I see Debbie Travis I think that LOL
Fun, fun.


jenny said...

wow, fun!
She is tall, i did not know that!

Cote de Texas said...

wow - impressive!
I love your blog so much - I don't comment much - but I lurk here alot - you are very inspiring - I love what you have done to your house!

cote de Texas