Thursday, February 28, 2008

One step forward.

Partial after, the chair is coming along , I love the look of the fabric and the color, I will still need to find a nice trim to cover the staples, as the tacs will not work , they would still show the staples yuck. And get some plywood and cut it out for the base with the jigsaw. The back of the chair is still the stripe.
This is the picture that has been drawing me in, I love the wall color , this is what started me on making my bedroom walls darker , I have toyed with deep brown , but I think the deep grey is better for me.

I am so itching to get some of this painting done, but the weather is bringing me down. I have so many plans , paint the bedroom, paint the family room and deal with the ceiling and also paint the front living room, everything feels in transition. Will it ever be done, I think not.


Liz said...

I love the deep grey color. I've become such a big fan of grey ever since I painted the kitchen a really pale version. After that, I wished that I had painted other rooms pale grey, maybe this summer. :) Good luck with all your projects, I love hearing about them.

Mrs. Limestone said...

You already know I have a deep love of "greige" and grey.

I really want a chic photowall like the one you posted but I feel like I can never hang a photo without making 16 wrong holes in the wall. If I do that to a wall that requires a lot of photos, its going to be a total mess.

chriskauf said...

I am looking forward to the change, not the painting, I don't like painting walls, I am messy , but too broke to hire a painter and really too cheap , I hate to waste money on things I can do myself.
To accomplish the photo wall minus the nail holes , like the ones I have , but I am painting soon, you can make paper templates of your pieces and work out placement with those and sticky tack , to avoid multiple holes, but that is probably going to happen you can't get placement right everytime, right .Or you can buy that new hanging tool, I want one. said...

that wall is so pretty.
it's just fun to look at.
you'd smile every time you walked by.

don't get down abou tyour projects...just enjoy the process. you won't ever be done because there will always be something you want to try or make or change. that's the artist in you. embrace it! :)

i hang picture s like you with the paper templates.
i saw it on martha once and thought "Genius!"

Jill -Forever and Ever House said...

I love the colour of the blue on the chair and the contrast of the white.

I know what you mean about the weather. Where is Spring anyway? I keep telling myself to move forward with the painting of my rooms in my house now because as soon as the nicer weather is here, I won't want to be cooped up inside. At the same time, I am "painted out" (I've done 5 rooms since Dec)