Friday, February 29, 2008

Mission Complete

Here is the finished product, its only been oh 6 months since I decided this poor and sad chair had to be banished to the basement until its repairs could be done, however once an item reaches the depths of the basement its tough to see the light again. Which is why I use my dining room as my perpetual project room, its true what they say out of sight out of mind. Total cost to rebuild this chair, $15.49 including fabric and trim , everything. I am still waiting to get a quote from local upholsterer.That's questionable business practice to keep me waiting.
Just one rather bad glue gun burn and a few little nicks to my hands from previous staple removal. Well worth it .

A piece of Masonite cut to size, and screwed to the frame, adds stability and a solid base.
My second work station the living room coffee table, much easier on the knees.


restyled home said...

Waaah!! I want it!! ever!

Kathleen Grace said...

Hi Chris, I love this chair. I have a similar one that I want to upholster but I have never been able to figure out how you attach the fabric on the front of the backrest. Did you make a wood backing to staple it to or just staple it to the chair itself? My chair has caning on the back.

chriskauf said...

There is no wood in the back fabric area, both back and front pieces of fabric are stapled to the front lip of wood, yours probably has a lip for the pushed in caning piece and probably a 1/4 inch bit of wood before the opening , you attach fabric staple than add batting and fabric staple and glue trim to hide staples.It is really quite easy .

Katrina said...

It's beautiful. I love how you left the stripe on the back!

Anonymous said...


Soleil said...

Love how it turned out! The blue linen is just so gorgeous!
I'm always passing up cool chairs cause I don't have anywhere to put them. I need a barn. Preferably a heated barn, so I can work on projects all year long!


Roxy said...

Hi Chris~

Great color choice. Can I ask how many yards to decorative trim you needed for that size chair?


chriskauf said...

I had 4 meters cut, not sure what that works out to in yards, I will see, ok that would be about 4.5 yards.And I do have about 2 ft left over.

Laila said...

The chair looks beautiful. Do you know of sites that sell trim? It's so hard to get a hold of something nice here. Trims, and classical furniture are a bit out of style at the moment, it seems. Too bad for me, because I love it!

Have a nice Saturday e evening!

Suzie said...

I love the chair! It would go quite nicely in my bedroom! I've somewhat recently discovered your blog and love looking at all your projects! You're an inspiration!

lizziefitz said...

I have two of these chairs waiting for me in the basement. I kept waiting for extra $(HA) to have them done. I am so glad I happened on to your post, I am going to tackle the project myself. Thanks for the inspiration.


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