Friday, February 5, 2010

Series on making an above average cake

These are some old photos of the cakes I have made along the way , all but this one and the Blue's Clue's one I made for customers I had long long ago .
My sad attempt at fondant .

A baby shower cake.

30th birthday cake.

A two tiered birthday cake for three people.

A Winnie the pooh cake.

Mason's second birthday cake , wasn't she so cute?

I have loved baking cakes since before I was married , I still remember my very first chocolate chocolate cake in my mom's kitchen as a 14 year old in New Brunswick , funny the memories that stick with us , maybe because I was disappointed with the results, it was flat on top , things kept sliding all over , it tasted great but it was ugly , I soft of gave up after that , I stuck with cookies.

But when my sister in law was having her baby girl I baked a heart shaped cake with pink , I was so much happier with the way it had turned out , I do recall a disastrous cake I made for my nephew Mitchell it was a lop sided fire truck .

After that I learned or rather heard of Martha Stewart , and picked up her valuable cake tips , letting the cake cool and refrigerate for 5-6 hours before assembling , crumb coats , trimming the layers flat , very valuable lessons.
This lead to a whole new world of cakes for me . In my tiny little kitchen I baked and baked and started a cake business , making custom designed cakes , even one three tiered wedding cake , this is a very stressful profession , things do not always go as planned .

But I would like to share my love of baking beautiful cakes with you all so you may then carry the knowledge and tips of baking that have made baking cakes a breeze and a joy not to mention an art form.

Ladies and gentlemen I am going to tackle something new , rolled fondant , hang in there this could be a bumpy ride.
I am not a perfect baker by any means , but it is a very fun medium , and when you are done a yummy treat to share.

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