Thursday, February 4, 2010

A beautiful kitchen after lots and lots of work

I wanted to show you Lisa's kitchen and remind of you of where it started , when Lisa first saw this house her husband didn't think she would buy it because of the kitchen , she thought it could be painted , but "people" told her that wasn't a good idea , so the seed of doubt grew and grew , two years passed , and we became friends , and of course I encouraged her to go ahead and paint those cabinets.
Two weeks ago we embarked on the building of this custom island that I quickly sketched out , I am impressed at how much the real things looks like my sketch.

Lisa recently made these drapes , I think they are the perfect finishing touch.

I just love the mix of the dark brown cabinets with the cream glazed island.

I spied these stools on Kijiji , 4 stools for $50.00 total , only problem was they were counter height , but for $12.50 each they were worth cutting down .

What a beautiful transformation , Lisa has worked really hard to make the changes in this kitchen , I am truly impressed with her skills , Lisa in the last year has learned how to use a miter saw , nail gun and flooring nailer ,she's fearless , we make quite a team .
Lisa's daughter thinks we act too much like boys , and we are pretty sure the Home Depot employees think we are a "couple" , so funny, why wouldn't they we are never with our husbands, her daughter may think we need to do more girly things , but one day she will realize how we empower ourselves to tackle any old thing in the home improvement department in turn empowering her too , it will just take her a little time.

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