Monday, February 1, 2010

Beautiful cakes

I have been looking for inspiration for my birthday cake . I think my favourite part of birthdays is the birthday cake , I remember as a child intricate cakes created by my friends mother , I even recall a cake with foil wrapped coins that my mom made. Because of my families peanut and nut allergies bakery or even super market cakes are out of the question , we have tried some nut , flour and egg free , yuck , I normally just live without a cake , who bakes their own cake , right !

I will admit I am a cake snob , I love beautiful cakes , it is extra work but work worth doing in my opinion . There is a nut free bakery in Toronto , great cakes but at $40 for a tiny cake I just don't see the point , the kicker was the limit of flavours vanilla , chocolate and marble, I have decided upon lemon cake with raspberry filling , doesn't that sound devine.

While organizing my new buffet I found my old portfolio of cakes , I was a cake baker for a very short time , I loved thinking outside the box , making everything from scratch and creating one of a kind confections .

So I have decided it is OK to make myself a gorgeous cake , I deserve a beautiful cake , and if that means I must make that cake , then I will do it happily. I think I will be going with the first cake , bright aqua with pink cherry blossoms .

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