Sunday, February 7, 2010

How could I forget decor ?

Oh my I nearly forgot this was a decorating blog , I was getting annoyed with the paint on my new buffet , it was chipping off with no force , in some spots , I followed all of my steps , TSP , light sanding , high adhession primer , paint , but there is not telling what the previous owners have applied to this piece.
My solution was a rub on of polyshades {antique walnut} , it enahced the paint sooo much.
It gleams now and glows with loviless.

I also was able to find the perfect lined basket for my re-done landing spot , thinga majiggy.

Also the mirror turned out very well , good bye ugly bamboo paint finish , hello beachy white mirror.
I wanted to show you my daughters decorating , she did this arrangement all by herself , she did such a great job putting this together .

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