Saturday, February 20, 2010

Say it again Sam

I have been a little out of the loop this week , see I thought I would do a real clean of the computer desk , this is a well used space , it was looking awfully grubby , but when I was giving it a good old scrub up came a whole section of paint , I needed to just deal with it and redo the desk. I scraped most of the paint off and then sanded away , not as much as I should have because of the mess it would have cause actually, I will do a better job some other time , but for now it has a fresh coat or three of paint , including the wall , isn't it amazing how kids can make things so grubby .
Fixing this desk meant taking the computer apart , there was some serious computer withdrawls going on with a couple of us so it had to be only a quick fix kinda of freshen up.
Back to the chair , this was the computer chair , and when not in use is pushed in as much as possible to allow for good traffic flow , which is why I hadn't noticed how damaged it has also become , dark blue denim had stained the front fabric and frame , someone has oh so kindly overly distressed the paint right off this chair frame , it is time for an over haul, a fresh start . I am going to thoroughly sand down the frame again and refresh the paint , and recover it with this vintage fabric .
A fresh start , just what it needs.

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