Tuesday, February 23, 2010

For some this is the start of spring, for us it seems to be the start of winter , February is always the longest part of winter , it is COLD and it is not that often that the sun shines , making it gloomy and depressing . We haven't seen much snow this year at all , last year it was hip high , this year happily just a few inches or so , we haven't even been able to try out the new snow blower I bought for my husband for Christmas , things could be worse.

Even the puppies are snuggling up on this dark and foggy day .

At this time of year my thoughts go ever so hopefully to the coming spring , which is probably a good 8 weeks away still , this is my next real project , building a lovely structure over our deck , I want to add some real style to the back of the house.
Does the winter put a damper on your home projects? or is it just me ?

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