Saturday, February 27, 2010

Desk Skirt

The mess beneath the computer desk , the 15 wires , the big black hard drive , it is all ugly, I thought I would try adding a skirt just to see if it would look alright .

I picked up 2.5 meters of linen fabric from the bargain table at the fabric store , and simply stapled it underneath and voila , it is just what the doctor ordered. Perfect with the new old little bench { this was a dumpster dive item from 10 years ago } this has been a great solution for this desk area because of the tightness of the space , two kids can even sit together here now and use the computer, it's been perfect.
Oh what is that I see here ? , two copies of Flea Market Style , while I have been waiting for my mailed issues I have been trying to track others down , it took 2 weeks , but finally yesterday after talking to the girl who restocks the mag's and books for The News Group here in our area , she was happy to help me track it down , I called The News Group and they were able to tell me exactly what stores it had been invoiced to , I live in a city of 150,000 and it is only in three stores , for those locally or in Ontario I did find it at a Shoppers Drugmart , and I do know Chapters was getting 7 , that's right only 7 copies, but it is out there now , as of just yesterday in Ontario .
I gasped when I saw it sitting there front and center yesterday , what a pretty magazine , such beautiful photos it is one you NEED to get, I still can not believe I am included , it is very thrilling , page 28 .
Thanks again Linda MacDonald and Matthew and Jenny Mead for letting me play a part , it is a real thrill for me. Flea Market Style
Forever grateful,

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