Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Everything old is new again .

I didn't know what to do with the jam cupboard that was in the dining room , I thought maybe the master bath , but that looked wrong , I also thought my office , but when I decided it would make wonderful shoe storage/display there was no where else it could go , I don't even mind the view from the bedroom now , and I am a close that closet door kinds girl.
The walls are a mess from my many attempts to create function storage ,I was going to paint the walls but that is a huge undertaking , patching , moving everything out , perhaps I will install beadboard full height on the one side of the closet , in time that is .
I decided to tackle my closet yesterday very hesitantly , i knew it was going to be a lot of work , and it was, 5 big garbage bags full of clothing , 2 of mine to donate , I happily got rid of my size 4's they just gave me pressure I do not need. 2 bags for my husband to go through of his things , now this closet it ALL mine , he keeps his clothing in the basement now , the closet was too claustrophobic for him , you can see why , its tight . 1 bag of trash.
It now contains , my clothing , current and the ones I want to fit into some time , my trunk , my jam cupboard for shoe and purse storage , lots of hooks for every day wear , I love hooks , lots of hooks , and perhaps oddly lots of art and photos.
When I can not find a spot for art I don't get rid of it , I put it up in my closet , why not ? I think it is pretty and interesting, I have a thing about cramming art into small places , I works for me.

I love my new shoe display , I don't have a lot of shoes but the ones I have I love , I can't part with my white wedding shoes as you can see .

Little girl dresses I just can not get rid of , even the cardigan Sophie had from her stay in the NICU when she was born .

The table is a hand me down , the chairs are hand me downs , the buffet is second hand and the wicker chairs are second hand , don't you love up-cycling, everything old is new again.

I think this new old buffet looks just right for my liking , its small and low enough not to eat up too much space , it has lots of storage , which reminds me I need to get some place mats, maybe I will just make some? yes I will make some , eventually.

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