Monday, March 1, 2010

My you've changed!

I picked up this lovely chair from Craigslist a couple of years back , I happened to be looking for just this style chair to makeover , lucky me I found it only after a couple of days looking , and since Kijiji has become my preferred website for classified deals , if you are in the US you too should check out Kijiji it is much nicer , in my opinion, than craiglist , there are great images accompanying the listing unlike craigslist text listings , much less time consuming I find .
Back to my lovely chair , this is how I transformed it the first time , I loved it , but it being used as our kitchen desk chair had caused some irreversible damage , it was in need of attention.

As the sun shines through my windows today it awoke me into gear and inspired me to get this project underway . Isn't it lovely?

I like to use the coffee table as my workspace for chair work ,its easier on the back. I decided to skip repainting the frame , I am working with the wear of the paint , those kids picked picked it away , why fight it , I just softened the edges and tried to balance out the wear.

Corners are always fun , cutting into the corners can be a frightening task.

It doesn't have to be pretty , that's what trim is for .
I prefer my manual stapler since I have gone through two different electric staplers , they tend to jam and break after only a few months in my experience.

Laying down the chair can help ,I keep the pliers handy for miss fires.

Fabric foam and then fabric .
For this style of open back you first staple in one layer of fabric desire fabric out then a layer of foam then another layer of fabric.

This is the first layer of the back , I kept the bright side facing under or in for a softer worn look.
All I need now is to make trim out of the same fabric cut on the bias to cover the staples , I just need to go out and pick up some hot glue sticks first.

I hope you like it too.
Can I just address my excitement that Canada took the gold in such a fantastic game last night , my two girls and I were on the edge of our seats last night , it was such a close and well played game and it was truly exciting , I am so proud today that we have been able to take home so many gold medals , this was long awaited for sure .
I am not a sport watcher typically but Sophie was very excited from opening ceremony to the closing , I am in awe of ALL of the athletes, how far they come and how hard they work to get to this level of sports in adversity and after many injuries and years of family and country dedications it is very inspiring.

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