Friday, September 19, 2008

While sourcing for snacks

While sourcing for safe snacks for our school to sell for fundraising, as the amount of kids allergic to nuts and peanuts has jumped from 3 to 10 or was it more , what ever it was it was a huge increase and all 3 and 4 year olds , sad trend I am seeing , so hunting for peanut free donuts lead me to find new and wonderful sources yesterday , what a fun day for me, nothing brings up my mood like a great shop and new sources for clients and my best client , me . Wool , I love wool sisal , its gorgeous , and renewable ,it is the only carpeting I would buy , I think the colourful sample would be gorgeous for my children , they are so tactile.
This also on stairs as a a runner. The store had hundreds of samples of synthetic carpet I find the 4 foot square area , the only area worth looking at in my mind , I was in heaven.
These would be so gorgeous , really I can't tell you how much I love them , I can see them as a runner, did you know wool repels dirt, it is a very green product, no plastic here .
I had a lovely surprise while shopping today I spotted a little liquidation shop , popped in and my Aunt Nancy works there , small world what a nice surprise. That green chair is $149.00
I really want this table , where could it go , is it a good office piece, I think not.

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