Monday, September 1, 2008

School's in tomorrow

We went out for a end of summer lunch sat on the warm patio , enjoyed a nice labour day together with our little family , you will never see me or my hubby I know pathetic , I took the kids for hair cuts yesterday and it happened , Sophie had her very first traumatic hair cut , the hairdresser just went and chopped into her hair with out warning or checking as they always do , you know the "is this ok" showing before making the cut, I had asked for a long swept over bang, which she wanted , and the woman cut a bang to her eye brow to whom is that long, that is short very short , I told her she made a mistake and that she had cut too short and that that was not what I said, I went over and moved her hair away to see if I could cover up her mistake all the while Sophie sat there bravely silent , brewing , I knew she was crying inside , I was furious, it is one thing to have your own hair ruined another to have your sensitive daughters hair wrongly chopped , I covered it up with her side part and swept things across but under there is a most haness mistake,the worst was when she showed Mason , who's hair looked great what had happened , she sobbed , and I mean sobbed , I raced home to see what I could do to fix it , I put a bobby pin in and things are fine, bobby pins were purchased today lots of bobby pins , they will be need for at least 6 months to a year. Isn't that awful , I just told her she was officially a girl now , welcome to the club...... the worst part was that she never said sorry , nothing she said nothing.

On a much happier note, who amongst us is feeling excited along with me , don't get me wrong we have had many nice times over the summer but the summers drag on and I am happy to see these kids going back to school tomorrow.

I might just be the happiest mommy tomorrow morning at about 8:00 am , my plans for the day are as follows : drop kids off at 7:45 am to school

- go for a 30 minute workout

- get ready for day

- get my advertising and business cards organized

-stop by the lumber store to pick up the remainder of the ceiling supplies and

get as much done as possible

- pick kids up from school at 1:30 , gosh that's a short day , that's ok there will be

Wednesday .

My first priority is to get all the little to do list finished off and start setting all things into place to put myself out there , a lot of people have asked if I have clients ready to go for tomorrow , no not yet , I have been working mostly 5 days a week and having two kids at home all day doesn't leave much time for the work that needs to be done, baby steps , I have quit my day job to allow me to work to set up a business for myself , these things take time , now the ground work can be done. My first week will consist of finishing the ceiling and finishing the living room painting , that's pretty much it then off to the races as they say.

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