Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Family room

When I posted the other day to show you the before and after of this room a commenter noticed that it was not a most updated shot as the ceiling wasn't completed , true, I was lazy and did not get the room all up to its Sunday best look , well this morning it was all set the couch was freshly cleaned and the room was tidy and flooded with the nicest light , so we had a little photo shoot . Lots of angles to show you , I am really happy with this room , there are many bigger family rooms , but this is just right for me , it appeals in every way , how could I live with popcorn ceiling again.

Great news , I recently bought a small steam cleaner for the carpet and upholstery , I used it on my floral settee and it came out nice and clean , it also cleaned up a huge juice spill out of the kitchen rug and the dog barf on my other rug, hello the whole downstairs is wood and tile and everyone messes the rugs, but not a problem now that I have my very own steam cleaner it has been worth every peenny already , little green bissel ....

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