Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Sarah Sarah

I feel your pain my American sisters , first the economy now this you are missing out on Sarah programming , I do know that her shows are on Fineliving, at least Design Inc is , I just called the production company that produces the show and their best advice was HGTV or FineLiving , but if you aren't getting these shows I will suggest you call fine living and ask for it , you can get these shows for your viewing pleasure , you just might need to suggest it in the masses . What will you be doing tonight , I will be glued to the season premiere of Sarah's House , it has been a long wait , but finally tonight I can look forward to a new and fresh episode from Sarah .
By the way how does she do it , have a baby and bounce right back , I never did that , it always amazes me , here she is after baby number 2 and continuing with a busy career all the while , how does she do it ? This woman needs a real maternity leave , which is 6 months to a year here in Canada.

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