Monday, September 15, 2008

The kitchen reno's

What a difference , I am so happy
with all of the work .

Here is the photo of the kitchen in 2003 , I painted the cupboards right away this awful shade and rubbed on a glaze, my husband added the beadboard and trim to the bulkhead , notice the glaring white appliances, so glad they are finally gone. I found the color of the cupboards sucked up all the light , which gets lovely morning sun but that is it.

Although I disliked the tiles , they were supposed to be wood floors but the by-laws changed and I had to choose tile , instead of ripping everything out , I covered almost all of it with my big island those girls couldn't fit in there now, building it was a family affair .
This was the first try two door and open areas , the baskets were a pain and I needed more closed storage, good thing the doors were Ikea so we just went back and picked up two more . I later glazed the doors more and more to hide the shadows.
My very first tile job, it is worth trying it is not that hard to do , I rented a tile saw , grouting is that most annoying step , which I assure you is done.
The computer hutch that my husband built , the last thing he built as I took over all construction after that .
Here is the current evolution of the island , very functional , and hardworking , oh wait I changed the hardware recently to stainless bars.

The range hood I figured out how to build just by trying this was my second attempt , it went so smoothly , not all thing I build do and the new appliances , what a dream I love them .
The two fixtures instead of one .
Old cast iron three bowl sink that we installed , we took out the brand new stainless small one the builder gave us , and added this dark faucet it is cheap though , wish we had a better quality faucet.
The swinging door , much better than the baby gate that was there , which is good for dog containment .
Progress .

Cute but I knew it could be better.

And the faux tin panel that I glued onto the ugly dishwasher , I didn't want stainless as it would be two stainless squares side by side eventually , I wanted the dishwasher to blend , it does but it wears a cute coat of "tin."

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