Friday, September 12, 2008

Goal number 2

I have dug out my sneakers or trainers whatever you prefer and have jumped back on the journey to health , I have not been committed to keeping fit for two years and boy does it show , I have a closet full of clothes that I want to wear but can not , it is a wonderful motivator, I still like everything in there, this weekend I will do a big closet overhaul, that should also help.

I now begin my day with working out , started power walking outside with my ipod and heart pumping tunes but my shins were not co-operating at all , I think I tore something , so I luckily have one of those elliptical machines and I have swept away the dust and cob weds ok no cob webs , and am now back in the game , 3 miles per day Monday through Friday , I already feel better , I am not weighing as I think that will throw me off , so I will wait for my clothes to fall off then I will know it is working. I am keeping track on the blog off on the sidebar , so far 27 miles.

I will be out doing a 5k walk with my mom in the near future for a good cause , I will go into detail about that on another day , you may wish to join me for this 5 k , and you can I assure you .

Hope you have a wonderful day where ever you are .

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