Saturday, September 6, 2008


With my recent semi retirement from childcare which resulted in me not having to change a diaper or wipe a nose of another child until perhaps my grandchildren , do you how much that thrills me ,enormously , it also means I have quite a few pieces of equipment to get rid of , it would be nice to get a little dough for these items.
This is a biggy , it is a 16 year old Emmaljuga from Sweden , it cost over $1000.00 when purchased , not by me , I bought it second hand, now I don't know what to ask for it , I have it listed on Kijiji , for best offer , so if you could help and give me your take what's it worth ?, isn't it neat , it even fits three kiddies, how you ask ?
Well the foot rest secure flat and with a little pillow on it it makes a comfy seat , I even used a belt looped through the handle and voila three seats. It is really solid does need a small repair , but is a work horse for sure, they don't make strollers that last this long in the US or Canada.

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