Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Moe really did it this time.

Good as new ! I wrapped then in the extra skull and cross bones fabric

One of these things is not like the other !!!! one guess , MOE , yes Moe had a feild day eating this shoe , now if this was my kids shoe I would simply say tough news , guess you should put your shoes away , and toss them , but they don't belong to my kids , they are one of my kids friends . No worries I saw these out shopping we will just buy some new ones , I have replaced one webkinz for a friend, little problem , and don't you judge me ......they were given to this girl by her grandmother , who died.......................

Oh the guilt , we searched 4 stores for a new pair , trouble is this kids has unusually large feet , and not luck we found 5,6, and 7 , no we need 8 . Then it hit me I am a problem solver , I can just fix this , I will get that patch stuff that no one uses and cover it with a fabric of her choosing , by morning it will be better than new. Right????? Stop laughing.
Why do things like this happen to me????

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