Friday, September 5, 2008

Progress takes time

Here in case you weren't around 6 months ago to see how this ceiling thing all started let me remind you , this is what I had your regular run of the mill popcorn , hated the world through but probably being applied as I type.

I have been able to finish off the ceiling and even found the perfect trim for finishing off the job, there of course will be small gaps around the edges before the trim went up , as well as fixing that little construction issue it dresses it up to have this detailed trim finish it off .

I have got to tell you if you love this look and have 8 or 9 foot ceilings this is a job worth considering , it took some time but look what I have gotten , I went from popcorn to beadboard , amazing , I almost never thought of this , sure glad I did , once it is painted this weekend I will show you all its glory .

What did it require , scraping off the popcorn , adding this beam , marking out the beams in the ceiling , then nailing the boards up after priming them twice, counter sinking the nails, filling the nail holes , trimming out the edges, and now to wipe off excess filler and paint , so ok its a lot of work but done a little at a time it is well worth doing .

See gaps around the edges. No big deal add beautiful trim.

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