Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Bunkbed makeover

I have finally tackled this big project of de-browning the bunk bed , Mason was opposed at first and with the first mention that it was ok to change it ,I jumped at the chance to make it happen .Poor girl didn't have a proper place to sleep for 5 days , no worries , she will sleep well tonight .

I wanted to get the look of this pottery barn bed but not spend over $1300.00 , I found one locally for $1000.00 less than this one , amazing isn't that , but it was in the wrong finish , no problem it's me, I can paint it , well it took a lot of work but it is always worth it to get the look I want , I am so pleased with the colour change , wood if fine for floors but you may know I do not like it as a furniture colour , not for my little girls , ok a big brown bed in a boys room will work , but there is nothing like a fresh crisp white piece of furniture for a girls room , for girls of all ages as well I enjoy it too.

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