Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Girls Girls Girls

Shopping for more girl things.

I really enjoy being a mom to two girls, I always dreamed of having three but after two I realized I didn't have it in me to cope well with three, let's face it often I can't cope with the ones I've got, and truth be told I didn't want a boy..I know mothers of boys right now are mad at me or think I am crazy , now don't get me wrong girls come with their share of dramas oh I can attest to that on a daily basis, but I was a nanny live in to three boys so I am familiar with the world of boys and I don't think I could parent a boy very well, your not supposed to tell them to shake it off or suck it up , I think that is my nature so good thing I didn't get a boy, not that I wouldn't have tried my best. Having girls allows me to open up to my feminine side, I love girly things , I have enjoyed making all these things for my children's rooms.I am sure anyone frequenting my blog has noticed the lack of restraint I have for the girly, my husband kind of tried to keep things simple, but we have come to an agreement that it is my passion and I don't ask his advice most times. Why really why go there, he likes our home and how I do it, and he lives with three girls after all.

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