Sunday, August 12, 2007

One Beautiful new space

I wanted to post a couple of photos of my in-laws kitchen.This is not how it looked when I arrived on the scene 15 years ago, it was a dated 50's style kitchen where I am sure avocado appliances once lived, the cupboards were very dark and dated the wallpaper was hunter green and floral. There was much talk about painting the kitchen cupboards a quick and cheap makeover would not do the trick here, 3 to 4 years ago a large window was installed a beautiful custom kitchen opened up the space and brought in the light, it is a real beauty a stunner.Would you believe a fridge used to live beside the stove , it is funny how spaces in 50's and 60' house were not made full advantage of, with a few simple adjustments like taking out the wall between the kitchen and the dining room to make one larger casual space , and moving the fridge to the other side of the kitchen which is still small in scale , but well laid out and full of storage.The lovely dining room table was theirs for many long years but had a dark finish , kinda of Gothic in feeling, so after a lot of convincing that painting it a creamy white would change the look dramatically and bringing into current fashion, my brave mother-in-law took on the task of transforming a dated gloomy table into a really beautiful piece, I love it and she did a superb job.

I wish I could show you the just how dramatic a change it is ,but you will just have to enjoy the after.I had the privilege of decorating the dining room and making the curtains ,choosing the paint colours, my husband installed the plate rail, and we blew up and framed photos of the grandchildren and put them up for all to enjoy, you will notice my signature scrunchie...aka cord cover.
Only one more thing to do, french doors out to the porch from the dining room, I think its a great idea Joan, now you should hear my ideas for the master bedroom,now those are really good.

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