Wednesday, August 22, 2007

This is starting to feel like show and tell ....

I just had to show a picture of one of my favourite meals, dinner meals, thankfully my kids have grown to love it as well.Apple pancakes, my mom used to make them for dinner, not breakfast, perhaps this is why I would always choose breakfast for any meal , I love it all, all the breakfast foods. I even recall I time I was spending the day in bed sick as a child and mom asked what I wanted and this was what I knew would make me feel better. Ok I didn't make the batter from scratch like mom would , but I do use the mix that requires eggs and milk , so that should earn me some good points, as well I grate an entire apple and mix that in , and sprinkle each pancake with a healthy dose of cinnamon sugar.Yummy.

I found this print on Monday , I and hubby love this artist, the originals are very pricey so when I saw the print I didn't hesitate , I still haven't found a place for it , but I haven't tried very hard, I will.

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