Thursday, August 2, 2007

Dreamy dining.

What to you think , I could add these two pieces, I don't think I would keep the low bookcase that dark , maybe a grey ?? the cupboard above for plates , I love my kids photos so I will find somewhere else for them.

See mine is just to country with those chairs, but at this time I can't replace 6 chairs.Hopefully the painting them will be enough .

The porch dining room is for sure the perfect mix for me, Oh how I love those chairs with the caning, the boat chandelier is so whimsical, I adore it so. Photos courtesy of

I think my real dining Some thing's more can have the feel of the Something's Gotta Give set, I have decided I do not like the chairs in black that I have painted, so I will paint them cream and do a rubbed on finish in an antique brown and distress them , I will remove the table that I put in there as a server it is too stumpy , and country bumpkin, don't like it , but I do like to have a surface to put decorative things like the candles and jars and things.

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