Friday, August 10, 2007

Dining room progress...

Before and afters ...I was unhappy with the dullness my dining room was screaming, yes screaming dull, or shall we say yawn...I realized it was all a series of rectangles, the table, the paneling, the photos their formation, So time to clean the slate, today I took a very large rusty star form my stairway that didn't help, so as on all my days off I took a quick trip over to Homesense to find this "zinc look" cabinet which I have been eyeing for a couple of months , I loved it but couldn't figure out where it should go so why buy it, and turns out my husband and children hate it, but when I saw it there today marked down to $20.00 from $39.99 I knew just where to try it out, also found the Love script , which I already have one of but it is red and very cursive, so this is much not the same....a few plates from around the house and a painting from the kitchen, the stager in me mixed things up a bit , and voila , it is good. I am happy, much more cheerful , less safe, and a little girly and still casual, my perfect mix.This sweet update cost a grand total of $36.99, not bad.

Don't worry I did get rid of that sticky residue..

This little gem was also from the same store, I bought it maybe a year ago , but it was scratched to bits, gouged in fact, but for $7.00 I thought since I love this artists work I would try to salvage it, Todd thought I was nuts and wasted what little money I had spent on it, but I was determined, so off to Michael's print in hand matched up the paint colours, blending, and I waxed the surface, then put on a clear coat, and no one would ever know I didn't buy it in pristine condition. And I think Todd will ever be impressed by my big restoration.

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