Monday, August 13, 2007

Homemade and simple.

I don't ever describe myself as crafty, I don't scrapbook or make homemade cards for people.But I suppose am when putting together this group of things I have made.

The shoes behind glass well that is the most prized possession , my Sophie's little gap shoes.
The blue frame houses a hand blocked wallpaper sample, sneaky.
My kids bath has a small art piece with printed wallpaper samples and scrap booking alphabet stickers.I really like door signs, all but one I have made, princess and pumpkin are my kids sweet names we call them on occasion, as well the name of a small business I started , I sold children's bedroom accessories. I think I may restart on ETSY.

I suppose Mason likes door signs as well....tattoos..well aren't we a modern family.

I often have trouble finding art, I really love photography but wall art is so predictable,often tacky, as well not only do I need to please my own eye but my artist husband has a keen eye so not a lot impresses him and real paintings costly painting are not an option at this time of life.

I wanted to share some of the little projects I have done and added to the feeling of family , and are fun to have around. The two framed art projects from my girls , I used a deep frame and hot glue to mount those, they are in my bathroom, the large white frame with the pretty blue designs I came up with it is a simple white on white frame which I love most , and two sheets of glacine scrap booking paper a solid blue on the bottom and designed one on top , I did a series of two . The girls painted these stars and I found these great shadow box frames voila more art. The toilette sign , I also made from an unfinished plaque and letter stickers in a nice script great for guests when they are looking for the powder room.
When decorating think outside the box, perhaps you have the skills to make something original??

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