Wednesday, August 29, 2007

The evolution of my bedroom

I just wanted to share some of things that I have done to update my bedroom over the last 6-8 months,

Funny how things
change , my original thought for this room was a mocha colour, which I tried some samples of just looked mucky and dreary, after finding this blue it gave me the calm feel I was after, but lacking that spark , on christmas eve I decided to see how some large bold stripes a few shades darker would look, loved them and too my surprise so did my other half.

After base coating this dresser and leaving it for over a year , I tackled faux finishing it, due to pottery barn inspiration, it was a lot of elbow grease but I love how it turned out, and its the smoothest item in my home, who would think I dresser could be tactile?
I finally found the right chair for my corner, a velvet brown comfy chair, for the occasional escape.
I first had cream linen drapes,drab, babyish, then I had brown mocha velvet drapes, they were fine but I longed for some stripes, I wanted silk, but at $500.00 seemed very greedy, so these at $60.00 for the pair, gave me the look of silk for a fraction of the cost.
For sure my room is feminine, but the drapes (which are blue and brown stipres)and chair and grey tones in the room add a bit of masculine , to tone down some of the sweet.Truth be told, I long for a pink bedroom, but I would never do that to Todd.Thankfully I have little girls, perhaps some day I will have an office and it Will be pink.

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