Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Family fun

It has been a while since I have managed a post, we have been a busy family lately, new puppy , house guest for 2 weeks, so we have been keeping busy as well, out lots having simple fun, walk at the pond in our neighbourhood, accompanied by tired leg complaints from the young ones no less.
Moe is coming along quite well fitting in ,while sleeping he sticks his tongue out, this pic shows it stayed out for a while, so silly.
We went to Ikea yesterday just to get out, let the kids play in their playland, Todd and I got to have 45minutes to ourselves, we didn't have to fight to be heard by each other and were not interrupted at all, it was nice to have an easy conversation with out a load of kids squeezing in between. It was some sort of special day and the kids waited 30 minutes in a line to get these special balloons while Todd and I vegged on the Ikea couches, that was pretty nice too. I am sensing we are due or well over due for a getaway just the big people. My how time flies.

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