Tuesday, August 28, 2007


On Sunday we took an hour long drive to one of my favourite places Aberfoyle Antique Market near Guelph Ontario, it it one of the oldest, sadly I forgot my camera and we were too far off to turn around to get it , but I will go back at the end of September for the big show, and do a proper post. I was of course searching for a bench , found one, $55.00 in blue it would have been great , but it was too long to fit in our car or even our truck, we would have have to left someone behind, the dealer didn't offer delivery so it stayed behind. I did find these lovely brackets, which I thought would be nice inside but they will replace the small brackets under my window box, the perfect update.
For Mason we found an old cheque printer a ribbon writer, its the perfect colour and it works so lots of fun for the kids and its pretty too.
That was for the best because yesterday we went to another of my favourite places Pottery Barn, Todd and I agreed that the cosmo bench would be so nice for our dining room, its more than 10 x's the antique bench but a last forever type of piece. Very grown up as well, it was very comfortable with its rush seat.
I picked up lots of seaside supplies on clearance, all the shells , sand and stones were marked right down, I love to figure out the retail regular price I would've paid, $73.00 was the total, what I paid was $21.95 for the same thing, oh that makes me so happy. Now I get to play with some accessories today.


Stephanie said...

Wow, I live all of your finds, especially the check printer. It made me remember the one at my Dad's office. I learned how to do his payroll as a teen and used one just like that. It was brown, not a fun blue like yours!

restyled home said...

Okay, now you're freaking me out...On my way home from a job today, I stopped in at my favorite spot for vintage finds. I almost bought the EXACT cheque printer in the EXACT same colour for my craft area, but decided to come back when I had more time to really browse. Our similarities are very numerous...!!!

Sounds like you had a great shopping adventure!!


Heidi said...

ack!! i'm so jealous....i ought to slap myself though, after our shopping spree for couches today!

me, you, wendy, and linda have GOT to get together some day! next summer perhaps?!!?!

chriskauf said...

That sounds great , we should do that , I am gonna need a break.

andrea danielle said...

Your blog is adorable! Love the benches.