Tuesday, August 21, 2007

The Toronto Zoo

I have very fond memories of visiting the zoo as a child, riding the zoomobile, which is quite expensive...but I have always love this zoo , so it is nice for me to bring my children to make some lasting memories for them as well.

This gorilla seemed to position himself for perfect photo ops....

That's nice "do not drink or touch this water" ...scarey.....I didn't notice that till right now.

Monday was one of the few days we booked off to spend doing a family day trip, we chose the zoo as it is always fun, but the weather couldn't have been gloomier , cold, even a touch of rain, but it didn't dampen the turn out at all,it was a great day for the zoo, the animals were not hiding so there were plenty to see.

There is an enormous dinosaur exhibit that was built in China ans shipped over to Canada, very impressive, and very interactive. All in all we had a good day and saw some of the world's beautiful animals we have the privilege to live so near by.

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Stephanie said...

Awww, your girls are so cute. They are close in age to mine, who are 8 & 10. Mine are really close too, the best of friends. They argue & fight, but hate being away from each other. They are at separate schools this year, which feels odd and unnatural to me!
I wish we had a zoo like that near us, they would love it.