Sunday, February 7, 2010

Frosting , crumb coat, and fondant application

That's all it takes for basic butter cream , a touch of vanilla too if you like. I don' measure I just add sugar until , until it is the right consistency .


I strained this melted jam over a double boiler.

In my case covered by fondant.

Making a great cake takes many little steps that stretch over many hours , chilling can not be missed or rushed.

Powdered sugar prevents sticking.

This was very immediately gratifying.

You can also pipe frosting to hide edges.
Tomorrow : finishing touches , including piping and detail application.


Saucy said...

We think alike! I use the damn tea towel trick, every single time!!

My BFF's 11 year old daughter asked for one thing for her upcoming birthday: she wants a baking lesson with me, she wants to make a fondant cake. I'll show her your posts before we get started. This was genius!

annie said...

I know you said you don't measure the sugar, but how much butter do you use? I didn't see where you said it, if you did. That tea towel trick is the neatest idea! I never thought of that! I just curse the whole time the sugar is flying everywhere and again when I'm wiping down the mess. :) Do you think I could use strawberry jam instead of raspberry? Only because that's what I have on hand. :)