Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Coffered ceiling update day 3 and 4

 Things are moving smoothly so far. I was able to install all of the remaining side pieces to the studs yesterday. If we had not bought scaffolding than it wouldn't have been possible to do this part solo.
 There is so much priming then sanding then priming and more sanding...this is time consuming.
So glad we put up the plastic door, because this project is a huge mess maker, there is so much fine dust.
 So this project is pretty simple and straight forward. Just choose your placement , find your joists and attach 2x4's add double blocking , cut MDF prime and sand it (just one side and one end) nail those strips of MDF around the room at the ceiling and then sandwich them on either side of the 2x4's and then add a strip the same size as the 2x4 to the bottom of the blocking and then trim each box with crown moulding and then make sure all nail holes are filled and sanded also sand any imperfections and then caulk all the seams , easy right? then paint and paint and paint, get lots of massages you'll need them. This is a tough project on the back.
Here is how it looks as of 9:00 am today. I am going to get the rest of the bottom pieces in and then I am off to select a crown moulding.
I should really go get to work if I am going to get this done in time for Christmas....bye for now.

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