Thursday, December 19, 2013

Merry Christmas

We finally have our Christmas tree up decorated and even the gifts turned up....we may have no furniture in the family room but we do have a tree....Isn't it pretty I love my gold tree fro Urban Barn...
Speaking of Urban barn, I started a Pinterest board last year called Wish List now it is renamed All i want for Christmas where I pin things I would like or dream of buying...that being said I did not think my husband would ever go ahead and buy a piece of furniture so I really didn't check out the things I pinned in person, BIG mistake BIG!!!!
My husband went out and rented a van to bring home my lovely Christmas gift one I had "selected" ! It was this so cute chair. I secretly second guessed my pins and really I only wanted the coffee table below I love the coffee table.
Back to the chair , I mean the chair is gorgeous right? yes it is so I was happy yet apprehensive to accept it as my early Christmas gift something new for our newly finished family room. We brought it in and it looked so cute in the room really it looked perfect but then.....I sat down, expecting to sink in to a cozy chair and a half, but it felt like I sat down on a stack of phone books , you know what I mean if you are of a similar age.... it left me feeling sad and disappointed for sure...what an odd thing. So we brought in the kids and they too thought it was SO uncomfortable so it is going back....

This coffee table is what I think the room really needs, I have never bought a real coffee table a real grown up coffee table. I have had hand me downs , second hands and DIY coffee tables but never a new chosen by me coffee table and this one is perfection, it is mango wood and a beautiful finish and it has storage I really wanted storage to keep the mess contained. It can house magazines and laptops and remotes and a throw or two it's perfect.

I feel terrible that my husband went to so much trouble but no house needs an uncomfortable chair.

I got a rug for the family room and I am hopeful that we can get the furniture back in place so we can enjoy the new family room this evening. The dogs loved the carpet immediately rolling all over it, they are so cute with rugs.

Hope you are having a lovely holiday season running around trying to get everything done... today is the last day of school for the year here comes Christmas break...have a good one.

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