Friday, December 13, 2013

Pine flooring again

I was going to keep the family room flooring a secret but I can't because I love how it's turning out. It is going very slowly, I'm not sure why I thought it would go faster. It is what it is...
Two rows took me 6 hours of work. My house is a shameful mess because of all the work going on and there is not one bit of holiday decor up yet in this house which is what is pressing me on to get this flooring complete.
I am hopeful I can get the rest laid today, then I will sand it and then stain it twice and top coat it three big deal.
Hoping that Monday I will be able to move furniture back in and then Tuesday the tree will go up, crossing fingers here.
In other news I think we have decided on a new sofa we love the Hovas from Ikea , it has most of what we need its good looking it's long and deep and comfy and it's in a nice grey removable washable slipcover which we love, it's so important to be able to throw the cover in the wash when you have two dogs.
After all the sofa we are wanting to replace is an 11 year old ektorp so going with another Ikea sofa is a no brainer.
I better get back at the floor so I can keep on track. Bye!

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