Friday, December 6, 2013

1 Week coffered ceiling progress update

I'm just taking a breather from my crown moulding to give you a little update....
It is coming up on a week for the coffered ceiling project , well actually I suppose it is a week today that I started with removing the carpet and under pad and moved all the furniture else where so here is the 1 week update. Things have been going well , quite smoothly so far.
I chose a simple ogee  MDF crown moulding which is the same as is in our kitchen , nothing too fancy it is our family room after all.
Yesterday after sanding the joints smooth and priming I decided to tackle at least one square of crown moulding, Oh my I will be the first to admit I don't love doing crown moulding. I can quite smoothly install outside corners but inside corners I find quite frustrating, but I am getting it done, thank goodness for caulking. I will be needing over 300 feet of crown moulding for this project , which will cost me as much as the studs and supplies have cost up until now. It will add priceless amounts of style and character though so I am fine with the cost.
 Just FYI it would cost 10 times the cost to have it done for me.
I also ordered the pine flooring yesterday for the family room it has to sit for at least 4 days before it gets installed so that needs to get into the space at least sooner or later. I have decided on a design for the flooring I think it will add interest.
So here are my current pictures please don't judge my miters, its not at east as all those youtube videos make it out to be. Maybe I will try coping.

I am loving how it looks so far , but I am not looking forward to caulking and priming and then all the's a good thing I have most of my Christmas shopping done.
I better get back to work, so long farewell.

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