Saturday, November 30, 2013

Coffered ceiling update day one and two...things are already taking shape

I spent most of Friday moving furniture out of the family room, it sure is nice to have big kids who can help move heavy things like sofa's, girls rock...when Daddy is working late. I ripped out the carpet under padding and tack strips and headed off to the dump all before dinner. Bright and early Saturday morning Todd and I were planning to get started. 

 We headed off to Home Depot for 2x4's and plastic and we picked up some small fold able scaffolding which has turned out invaluable, both of us can get up there and attach all the framing. Working over head is hard work for sure.
 So here we are now it's 8:00 pm and the coffered ceiling grid is framed and blocked , all the three sheets of 5/8" MDF have been cut down to 5.5" strips and a bunch of it has been primed and is ready for sanding and more priming before we can nail it all into place, this is getting so exciting. Placement of the studs and finding all the joists was very time consuming but I think the rest will go quite smoothly.
I'm thinking our arms will be sore in the morning.
My daughter would kill me if she knew I was putting a pic up on my blog of her , so don't tell her Ok, she is growing up into a beautiful young lady we are very proud of the person she is becoming she is a good kid indeed. I just thought she looked so beautiful the other night going to a high school winter dance. How time flies when you have kids, it's sad how fast.
Have a wonderful weekend...

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