Friday, December 10, 2010

What would you do ?

Mason needed some new mittens , she likes mittens , oh how kids loose their mittens , do you think I could attach strings to them like we did when the kids were toddlers......NO , I had to get her these Canada mittens that support our athletes , and they are so cute don't you think???
I am busy searching out gifts for Christmas , finding the perfect gifts for everyone , making things, shopping on etsy and creating one of a kind treasures , do you do like Oprah give your favorites ...? make things or go the gift card route?

All the while I am out shopping and running errands with this mess , what would you do if you saw a woman with a bruise like this , would you say anything ?, anything at all ?or would you ask if she was OK , no turns out after numerous encounters with people over the last couple of days , no one would say anything at all ,I suppose people are assuming I was hit ...maybe , could that be what they are thinking ?, and maybe some haven't noticed it , but I KNOW some people have while we chatted waiting for paint or checking out lumber with my favorite cashier , I must say I am a little shocked , its a good thing this bruise was just an accident on my part and I am not a woman in need .... I'm just sayin....

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