Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Not much progress on the dungeon

I know what a complete disaster , not much has changed over the last year is this "work room" of mine well what was supposed to be mine , but I really didn't use it much at all ...then I decided I needed kind of a utility room , somewhere to put my vacuum and ironing board and of course my tools and a few other bits and pieces, so it was working out well as such , and I finally had time to insulate and finish the wall with v-groove boards which is just the look I was going for , I still need to finish all the corners with flat boars , baseboard and figure out a flooring.....flooring is quite a dilema...and the rest of the basement needs doing also ...I am need of funds

Here is my little laundry nook , not quite the dream is it? some day I will have a laundry room to covet , but as one of the commentors mentioned I should just be grateful to have laundry where I live , I almost forgot how Todd and I would spend hours every weekend at the laundry mat , we sure had a simple life back forget how far you have come sometimes , it will be 19 years since we met on my birthday in February, how can it be 19 years , isn't that amazing , I actually was just a kid, we really grew up together , luckily we didn't grow apart , there were a few who didn't think this thing would go anywhere , well look at us now. Where's that come from?
You can see how it has evolved into a function utility room , every home needs storage , can there ever be too much?

I had to keep my tool organizer of course , I must make an effort to get the tools back after my projects are completed , that is the hard part.

Extra hooks for bags , in a house of three girls there are a lot of bags.

But things have changed down here , because this has become the "nail room" yes I said nail room , see Mason my 12 year old has taken up nail painting as a hobby or an obsession really , she has been buying nail polishes at the dollar store with the money she earns , no harm in that , but she was doing her nails in her room and it was beginning to become very toxic in there , it was very alarming her sleeping in a room with all those fumes , so quickly I decided she could have my room , her breathing and brain cells were more important to me than an under used work room , it has been so nice for her , hre friends can come , Sophie can use this area too as well as myself , it is nice to have such a selections of polishes.

See that drawers it is FULL of polishes and thin brush polishes for Mason's designs , she is so creative with her designs , she does something new everyday , from stripes , to flowers , sparkles and she even has these amazing stamps that stamp on lazer etched designs , really fun stuff .
All she asked for for Christmas was nail polish , that was it , oh and Konad nail plates too ...the hard part is choosing the colours of nail polish , she of course wants OPI and China glaze and LA. colors when Mom is paying...

I am happy to oblige her passion for nails , when I was a young teen I too had a thing for nails , now they are just pittiful hence my job and hobby of carpentry ...although I am going to the spa tomorrow to get my hair done and to get a manicure finally using the spa gift card my husband gave me 6 months ago , what I've been busy.

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