Thursday, December 16, 2010

We are really getting a lot of snow lately , not too much , just enough to put you in the Christmas spirit, like this morning the fluffiest snow I think I have ever seen , freshly fallen snow always looks so nice...the new walkway is harder to shovel than before but it also is less slippery because of the configuration of pieces , so that is a good thing . Do you have snow or are you in a milder climate ?, I know our friends in the maritimes are dealing with lots of rain and terrible flooding , it looks awful , so sad .
This little puppy will soon be buried if this snow doesn't stop.

I went to the salon yesterday I got my hair cut which I needed and I enjoyed a manicure , I have only had maybe three in my life , it was so nice , and of course the perfect shade called flying high by China Glaze , this was all a treat from my hubby when he gave me a gift card to the spa back in June, a spa finder card , this is great , you can use it for any spa related to this Spa finder website , all over the world I think , the hard part was choosing which place to go to , I chose well , I enjoyed a scalp massage before my hair cut , during my wash , I love that and I even got a hand massage during my hair cut , oh that was so wonderful such a nice relaxing couple of hours.
Today will be full of baking , sugar cookies , for eating and for gifting as tomorrow is the last day of school until after Christmas , we will enjoy hibernating and trying hard to be patient until "santa" comes.....all those presents under the tree are sure hard to resist.

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