Friday, December 3, 2010

Sarah is back again

*****edited Sorry this is not THE Sarah this is Sarah from Orillia , who doesn't have a tv show or a sidekick named Tommy ,but who is just a great girl who is a wonderful designer in her own right...
Before Sarah's house has always been one of my favorites , when I got an email which must be about a year ago telling me the house had been damaged in a fire but the family was all OK I felt so sad , first for the fear and awful experience that must have been and I felt relieved that the kids all got out and everyone was fine and then I felt heart sick for all the hard work Sarah and her husband had put into this lovely home , what would happen? , well they checked into a hotel and made the best of it , it must have been hard , and then they re-built ....they got a re-do , wouldn't that be fun .... well look how well they did with the task at hand ....
You may remember Sarah from this post here
After Sarah's home was so charming and wonderful and now it is even better , so simple and stylish , so perfect, Sarah got to keep the elements that worked and she added details that really complete the space like the board and batten walls and rustic beams , I love this living room with the 4 comfy arm chairs , how inviting , and that lantern who wouldn't love that?

They added this rustic fireplace , which I think is just perfect for this charming home I think you would find me in this room most days.


I am sorry but this dining room is just too much too much perfect, I love it love it love it ....that table from Restoration Hardware , I love a round dining room , they didn't do built in bookcases , I think that was just the right idea , it leaves the room clean and simply beautiful and allows space for the round table.

I also love this painting , I love birch trees , I want to plant one in my front yard but the doctor told my husband he is allergic to them although he has never had a problem while their pollen is high , hmmm


Cute collected and colorful , I am sure these photos bring on emotions and remind them of items that are missed ...but they are just things as long as you have each other , this start over ALMOST makes me want to start a new ...

I love this new office , how brilliant , a round table with a hole in the center for wiring , look at all those laptops , how smart , I love those cheery green chairs as well , this is a great addition and a shared space I love that .
Well Sarah and hubby you have done it yet again , created a warm beautiful and creative home , well done will want to check out Sarah's kitchen here, it is gorgeous too

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