Monday, December 6, 2010

Black Eye

{ it looks worse in real life, so embarassing }
I have to show you my black eye , second one in my whole life, how does this happen ?? well this was a cleaning accident....I swear, I was bent over in my crawl space trying to clean my basement and I tripped over my pajama's I think and went down face first right onto a big metal part of an exercise machine , I thought I had broken open the skin , it sure felt like it, I thought I was going to need stitches, thankfully it was just a bad bruise that just kept getting worse, my knees were bashed and I had really bruised my arm oh and I was all alone , I was in so much do boxers do it , this bruise just keeps getting bigger and uglier by the day , thankfully my glasses and hair camouflage it so I don't get too many concerned looks.

I had a busy weekend I made a batch of three dozen cupcakes for two little girls I used to babysit when I did home daycare and after that I got started on a bathroom reno for a client in my neighbourhood and even had a nice visit with my family and my MIL and SIL , it was nice to have them come down our way .... busy busy
So frothy and good.

YUMMY , we enjoyed the extras

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