Friday, December 17, 2010

Sugar cookie gifts

I got out all of my baking supplies and made a nice big batch of sugar cookies , it is a Christmas tradition for me to give sugar cookies with royal icing to the kids teacher and principals ...I can't break this tradition , they count on me, at least one of our principals husbands does I know that for sure.

I didn't do traditional Christmas colours , I never do , usually I do blue and white sometimes green , I guess that is traditional , but this year I went with pink an blue. For these stars I first lined with pink and then added the dots , let those set for 15 minutes and then I flooded them with the blue icing , you can't skimp on the royal icing , I need to get some more icing bag couplers and tips to have a variety of colours next time.
Let's call these fully loaded, just how the kids like ....I admit I don't even eat these , too sweet for me , its a good thing too because they are gone before you know it .

I wasn't feeling my cookie cutters , I wasn't as dedicated as I should have been , I will make another batch for the kids to decorate and I will put my heart into it , as well I need some new shapes , I have had these forever , bored!!! I'm thinking Christmas tree , a different leaner snow man and may mittens?? and I NEED a snowflake shape ,we'll see.

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