Thursday, December 2, 2010

Homemade Christmas

I was thrilled to find my Holiday with Matthew Mead magazine in my mail box the other day , now this will get you in the mood for Christmas , such a magazine to treasure .
I wanted to share with you some easy DIY ornaments you can make at home , I have a friend who's house was badly damaged by a fire not too long ago , they are back home now and have everything fixed even better than ever filled with the most gorgeous details and furnishings , I am in love but they have no ornaments they lost it all and are starting over , but where to start and how do you do that and not spend a fortune ?? well I shared a few ideas with her and I thought I should pass these ideas on to you as well.
Although the ornament in the above photo was a bought piece it shows a great idea , simply adding glue and then dipping in glitter or even beads as was done here , you could use a nice tacky glue for the beads and a thinner brushed on glue for the glitter designs , easy to pick up plain old glass balls and embellish to make you own one of a kind pieces.

This is not a new idea at all , this ornament was my Oma's from Germany actually , it is one of my treasured ornaments I have always loved , see this colour has a long history for me , how easy to paint on this simple design and glitter away .

Last year I had the girls make these fluffy balls made out of pom poms , pretty shades I found at Michael's Craft store , simply pinned into dollar store foam balls and hung with ribbon.

This large heart ornament I made many years ago , it is just simple felt sewn into a shape stuffed and embellished , this is really so easy to do ,this one is Sophie's , I also stitched on the year she was born and glued on angel wings , I can't remember where I got those. I threaded through floral wire to create a hanger .

Along the same lines I cut out a simple dress shape and added sequins after it was stuffed and bent the floral wire into a hanger shape ...

Another idea , really skies the limit here, and colour any shape I love these glass beads , they have a vintage look from Michael's as well .

This simple snowman is one of my favorites too .

We got a good covering of snow yesterday and Sophie and I made a snowman after school , the Mohawk was my idea.
Hope you enjoyed my little homemade Christmas ornament ideas , what are your's?

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