Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Year in review part one

This past year past has been a very productive year , I have made many changes and improvements to the house , so many in fact I am nearly out of projects , I may have to start ripping out perfectly good things to feed my hobby of DIY . I thought I might share them with you now . Painting the dining room table black was a good choice for me , I painted it with high adhesion primer , two coats of black latex paint and a coat of oil based solid black stain/polyurethane mix a new table for little or now cost since Iused what I already had .

I cut this hole into the wall of the basement stairs to let light in .

I built shutters from stock lumber that look like salvaged shutters to conceal our TV .

I did a full makeover of my daughters playhouse , lots of paint a built in bench and shutters turned a neglected playhouse into a pretty playhouse that does double duty as pool storage through the winter months.

I added my favorite exterior finish , shingles stained soft weathered grey.

I made over a worn out brown table into beach style with the intention to sell it but loved it so much I kept it for myself.

I bought an ugly but solid coffee table for $25 and turned it into an ottoman.

I built a v-groove wall for the front porch for added style privacy and shelter from the winter wind.

I transformed a basic Ikea shelf into a shelf that has more character and charm and is now one of a kind.

I finally tried cutting out the center of one cabinet to install metal mesh for an open look.

Although I can't use this porch for many more months , I don't forget relaxing on the upper porch with its newly painted floors in stripes of course.

So there is part one of my little year end round up , maybe I can inspire some projects you have never even though of

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